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GIF Of June: Troy Tulowitzki Double-Hit, Act XVIII Of XX

It's the beginning of July, so it's time for the best animated GIFS of June by SB Nation's Jon Bois. There are two Rockies involved this time around, and the first is Act X of XX. Remember when Carlos Gonzalez struck out, but the ball was dropped? He then ran to first base with bat in hand before the throw reached there for an out. Here's part of the conversation the two had before the out happened:

BAT. You could, uh, probably put me down.
BAT. Right. Too busy to carry me, right?
GONZALEZ. Hold on.
BAT. No, that... see, that's the problem. You're holding on. To me. When you don't need to.
GONZALEZ. I might need you.
BAT. For what?
GONZALEZ. For baseball.

But what happens when a player hits the ball twice?


Click to animate

Yeah, look at that. It hits the bat, trails along the length of the bat and then winds up hitting it again. The amount of time for that to take place is incredible. And here's video if you want to see it in real timeL

He wound up singling.