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2011 MLB All-Star Game Final Vote: Todd Helton Currently 3rd In NL Voting

The Colorado Rockies' Todd Helton will need to have his All-Star campaign pick up over the next few days if he hopes to make it in as the National League's final player. The initial balloting results were released on Monday after the first baseman is currently in third place.

Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino, who won the Final Vote two years ago, is in first place again and followed by the Dodgers' Andre Ethier. The Nationals Michael Morse and the Diamondbacks' Ian Kennedy, respectively, complete the results. Helton made five straight Midsummer Classics in 2000-2004 when he was a perennial power hitter with 30-40 home run totals.

After injury sapped him of a decent chance at successful 2010 season, Helton already has nine home runs (just eight last season) and is hitting .320 with an .886 OPS.

Vote up to 25 as many times as you want for Todd Helton right here.

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