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Ubaldo Jimenez Trade To Cleveland Indians Official, Pending Physical

In what should be a mere formality, Ubaldo Jimenez will officially become a Cleveland Indian on Sunday when he passes his physical. At that point the Rockies can receive pitchers Joe Gardner and Alex White and first baseman/outfielder Matt McBride. Left-handed starting pitcher Drew Pomeranz signed right before the 2010 trading deadline, so he can't be traded until Aug. 16. He will be listed as a player to be named later in the deal.

Dan O'Dowd commented shortly after the trade that this trade will make the team better in the "near future" and that the team used its leverage to get the best deal possible. White could potentially pitch for the Rockies later this year, while Pomeranz could be with the team this time in 2012.

Matt McBride is not quite the hitter many were expecting, but Dan O'Dowd could still make a trade for an impact bat on Sunday, the final day before the end of the non-waiver MLB Trade Deadline.

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