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Ubaldo Jimenez Trade To Cleveland On Hold As Pitcher Starts On Saturday Night

Despite reports that Ubaldo Jimenez will be traded to the Cleveland Indians, the pitcher came out on Saturday night and started against the San Diego Padres. This is certainly an odd move if a trade is close to happening. The chance of an injury occurring is always there, putting the sword to any proposed trade.

According to ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes, the Boston Red Sox are still attempting to trade for Jimenez. With the Indians and Red Sox both bidding for him, as the deal is apparently not done, why would the Rockies even have Jimenez start?

This is a perplexing series of events on Saturday evening and if this plays into Sunday, we may be in for an even wilder ride. Could Dan O'Dowd pull off an even greater heist than expected?

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