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MLB Trade Rumors: Reds Offered Aroldis Chapman, Devin Mesoraco In Ubaldo Jimenez Trade Talks, According To Report

The Cincinnati Reds are most assuredly talking with the Colorado Rockies about Ubaldo Jimenez. Supposedly, the Reds don't want to give up catching prospect Devin Mesoraco, which the Rockies are OK with. They are willing to take other pieces in return. But then there's this from Tracy Ringolsby:

Sources close to the involved teams have indicated the Rockies have interest in a [Yankees package] and [from the Reds] catcher Devon Mesoraco, and pitchers Travis Wood and Homer Bailey. Word out of Cincinnati is the Reds proposed Aroldis Chapman and Edinson Volquez along with Mesoraco.

So, is Mesoraco untouchable or not? The Reds supposedly offered Mesoraco to the Rockies, which doesn't jive with other reports. And if Dan O'Dowd isn't willing to accept that kind of package from the Reds then it would seem that there's no deal anywhere for him to consummate.

And according to Ken Rosenthal, the Reds prefer to trade for the Rays' James Shields, who may not be available. Rosenthal additionally reported that the Indians are interested as well. His source says the team matches up well with what the Rockies want in return, but elaborates no further.

The MLB Trade Deadline, don't you love it?

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