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Rockies, Reds Talk Ubaldo Jimenez, Prospects

Are the Colorado Rockies ready to trade Ubaldo Jimenez? While nothing appears imminent, the Rockies are working the phones with the Cincinnati Reds for the 27-year-old pitcher. According to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies are not wedded to acquiring either catcher Devin Mesoraco or infielder Billy Hamilton, both of who are supposedly untouchable. Mesoraco is a power bat who can hit for average and has good skills behind the plate. Hamilton is a speedy switch-hitter who can play either middle infield position. It's easy to understand the Reds' position on the two.

Rosenthal indicates that the Rockies would still take other "big" pieces. Could that mean first baseman Yonder Alonso, who was just promoted to the majors? Pitchers Travis Wood, Mike Leake and Homer Bailey could be part of any deal, as speculated earlier this month.

Or the Rockies could say "no" and decide to keep him. No one in Denver is reporting that the Rockies are intent on dealing him, just the other cities' media.

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