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Jason Giambi Injury Complicates Trade Status

On Monday night, Jason Giambi entered the Colorado Rockies game with the Los Angeles Dodgers as a pinch-hitter for Mark Ellis. He hit into what should have been an out, but Jamey Carroll committed a throwing error. However, it became apparent when he reached first base that Giambi was injured. He left the game with a quad injury.

According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, this could result in Giambi heading to the disabled list. If so, the team will not be able to move him at the trade deadline if they were so inclined to. However, that doesn't preclude a waiver trade in August, but at that point the Rockies may not find any takers.

While he neither wants to go on the disabled list nor move to another team, he and the Rockies will discuss things if a trade could happen. As has been suggested by Renck, the Rockies could trade Giambi and then bring him back as a free agent in the offseason. He likes Colorado and is reportedly a good clubhouse guy.

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