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MLB Trade Rumors: Stop Talking About Ubaldo Jimenez, Reports Jayson Stark

While this surely won't quiet all the trade rumors concerning Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez, Jayson Stark's latest report on the status of those rumors is probably the closest to the truth:

An official of team that checked in on Ubaldo Jimenez says we should stop talking about him b/c Rockies never had serious intent to deal him

And that's basically what general manager Dan O'Dowd has been saying over the last week or so. He's not actively seeking to trade the star pitcher because the intention is not there. But if some team really was intent on blowing the farm for Jimenez, he would certainly listen.

But there are still 11 days left in the month and there's sure to be some speculation on whether Jimenez is on the block or not. The truth, though, will remain muddy until the afternoon of July 31.

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