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MLB Trade Rumors: Red Sox Interested In Ubaldo Jimenez, According To Report

Of course, at some point the Boston Red Sox were going to pop up in a rumor about Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez and it has arrived from (via Hardball Talk). To what extent are they interested in him is unknown, as they are also pursuing New York Mets OF Carlos Beltran before the July 31 trade deadline.

But then, which major league team wouldn't be interested in having a 27-year-old pitcher that can reach the mid- to upper-90s? The real questions are: a)do the interested teams have enough trade chips to make a trade possible? and b)does general manager Dan O'Dowd really want to trade Jimenez? O'Dowd appears to be looking for the moon and the stars to make any trade.

As Rob Neyer points about this latest trade rumor, the Sox don't have great minor-league talent to bargain with, but they do need pitching help in a thin rotation. Doesn't seem like Dan O'Dowd will be talking too much with the Red Sox.

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