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MLB Trade Rumors: Reds Looking At Package For Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez

All those trade rumors about the Colorado Rockies taking calls on Ubaldo Jimenez began last week when Ken Rosenthal reported that the Cincinnati Reds were interested in trading for the pitcher. While there are reportedly a dozen or teams interested in acquiring Jimenez, the New York Yankees do appear more often than not in the rumors coming out on a dailt basis.

But now the Reds have emerged again with a supposed package, reports Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman (who also brought the names of Yankees prospects the Rockies desire): 1B Yonder Alonso, LHP Travis Wood and RHP Edinson Volquez. Alonso has been transitioning to left field with difficulty, but he is hitting .299 with an .874 OPS with 11 home runs. He could be a power bat to take over for Todd Helton while playing the outfield until then. Wood, 24, has been inconsistent with a 5.11 ERA in 16 major league starts. He was sent back to the minors after his June 20 start. Volquez had Tommy John surgery and a 50-game suspension since 2009 and has struggled since his return. He was recently sent to the minors.

This package certainly isn't on the level of the one the Rockies seek from New York. And in the end, all these rumors may just turn out to be smoke and mirrors.

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