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Rockies Reveal Players Needed For Ubaldo Jimenez Deal With New York Yankees, Reports Jon Heyman

If the Colorado Rockies were actively looking to trade Ubaldo Jimenez for the "perfect package," as has been reported over the last week, the team has already revealed what they would want from the New York Yankees, who aren't biting. Via Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman:

rockies name price for ubaldo: montero, banuelos, betances & nova. nyy will do montero plus other pitchers (not those guys)

And as Dan O'Dowd recently remarked, the team would need something on the level of a Herschel Walker trade to get it done. That trade wound up moving 18 players and draft picks when all was said and done.

However, in his online article, Heymand merely says the Yankees are unwilling to include any of the others outside of catcher Jesus Montero. Ivan Nova is a pitcher whom the Rockies have already seen this year, while LHP Manny Baneulos and RHP Dellin Betances are frontline pitcher material.

Only two more weeks to go until the MLB trade deadline.

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