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Jordan Pacheco, Rockies Prospect, Hits Home Run--With Broken Bat

Last Friday, July 8, (hey, it's minor league baseball, so this could be new news even though it's old to others) Colorado Rockies prospect and catcher Jordan Pacheco accomplished something that doesn't happen too often. Pacheco, playing for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, came to the plate with a man on third and a 4-3 lead. Just look at what he did:

That's not an ordinary home run. That's a broken-bat two-run home run. To dead center field. That's an impressive feat wherever it happens, but do take into account this: Security Service Field, the Sky Sox home field, is 6,531 feet above sea level, higher than any professional baseball stadium. And there's no humidor, unlike the mile high Coors Field. Yes, an aided home run, but still impressive, nonetheless.

Pacheco wowed early on during spring training, but ultimately the Rockies wanted him to get more time in the minors. He is currently hitting .272 with a .722 OPS, just .250 with a .643 OPS. He is likely to receive a September call up this year.