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Ubaldo Jimenez Trade Rumors: New York Media Loves To Speculate . . . And Make Things Up

Oh, that New York media, what now should you be ashamed of? Ah, that's right: this NY Post article. Sure, the Yankees have a chance at trading for Ubaldo Jimenez. Just like those 16 other teams who were in Denver on Thursday to watch him pitch. But that doesn't mean the Rockies really are going to trade the hurler. There'd need to be that perfect deal, and even though that article makes it sounds like the Yankees really have the top prospects to get it done, let's not forget that there is that Yankees hype machine.

Sure, Austin Jackson has been a nice get for the Detroit Tigers when they acquired him in a multi-player, multi-team deal in 2009, but he's just a 0.9 fWAR player this season. So Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances and Manuel Banuelos, all reportedly shown interest in by the Rockies, certainly are highly regarded now, but that Yankees shine might not be there after any trade.

But the most egregious thing George A. King III writes:

According to a person familiar with the Rockies’ mindset, they believe Jimenez has pouted this year because Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez received contract extensions and he didn’t.

"They are annoyed at him,’’ the source said of Jimenez[...]

Not even a person familiar with the situation, but "familiar with the Rockies' mindset." I call BS on that speculation and will trust the Denver Post's Troy Renck on this: It's 100 percent wrong.

Speculate all you want, New York media. Certainly the Rockies will listen to any offer; it most assuredly is Dan O'Dowd's job to do that, but don't offer unnamed sources who know "mindsets" as proof of something that is untrue.