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Rockies' Huston Street Is a Fist Pumper

Since 2009, the Colorado Rockies and their fans have been treated to Huston Street closing out games. He's saved 78 games since then, tied for 10th in the Majors with the Marlins' Leo Nunez over that span. Both the Padres' Heath Bell and the Giants' Brian Wilson are at the top of the closers' leaderboard with 112 and 110 saves, respectively.

But what really mater is how each closer reacts to closing out a game.

Over at Baseball Nation, Jeff Sullivan classifies every closer in the game. Here's Huston Street:



And here's Heath Bell:



See, there both, as Sullivan writes, fist pumpers. Bell is a bit more emphatic with the pump during his celebration. I like Street's better because he's acting as though he's done it before: "It's nothing special. It's what I do."

As for Brian Wilson:



That's a tribute to his deceased father and his Christian faith. Nothing wrong with that.

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