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MLB Draft 2011: Day 3 Start Time, Coverage And Odd Tidbits

The 2011 MLB Draft concludes on Wednesday when Rounds 31-50 take place. Unlike the NFL Draft where teams are built in Round 4-7, as many say, some of the players taken this late are fliers since they are considered tough signs and dead set on going to college. Most are really just minor league roster filler without great upside. Not everyone can be 62rd round pick Mike Piazza (no one can since the draft only goes 50 rounds now).

But the Rockies have made some interesting picks in rounds 30 and later. In 2000, the team took Virginia Tech star quarterback Michael Vick. Two thousand two saw the Rockies draft Matt Garza out of high school, but he went to Fresno State and now pitches for the Cubs. Currently with the Buffalo Bills, quarterback Brian Brohm was tabbed in Round 49 by Colorado.

Other late picks come through family connections. Brent Weiss (2005, 47, Walt), Zachary Helton (2006, 37, Todd), Nick Gallego (2007, 37, Mike), Kemer Quirk (2008, 40, Jamie), Richard Espy (2008, 41, Duane) and Sterling Monfort (2009, 47, Dick) were all taken because their family members were or are part of the Rockies' organization.

Visit for live coverage. Selections start rolling around 10 a.m. MT