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2011 MLB Draft Results: Rockies Select OF Carl Thomore

With the 77th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, the Colorado Rockies select East Brunswick (NJ) HS OF Carl Thomore. Baseball America rated him the No. 2 prospect in New Jersey and the No. 112 overall prospect. They report that he snapped his ankle during one game and had it popped back into place right after it happened. He'll be limited to a corner outfield defensively and his power is what should carry him through the minors.

Thomore is expected to be a quick sign (via Star-Ledger):

And instead of trying to feign interest in playing college baseball, Thomore de-committed from Rutgers and plans to sign a professional contract shortly after his June 21 graduation.

He'll head to the Casper Ghosts for his first pro baseball experience, and their season starts on June 20. The Rockies' supplementary first round pick Trevor Story is likely to be in Casper's infield this summer as well.