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2011 MLB Draft Grades: ESPN Not Impressed With Rockies' Choices

Just as in any major sports league's draft, instant grading of how a team performed is sought after -- and the MLB Draft is no exception. So what are some places saying about the Rockies' two selections? Over at ESPN, Jason A. Churchill is not high on the Tyler Anderson pick. He likes Anderson's fastball, but believes his breaking pitches need work. He concludes (far too early, by the way):

[H]e could be a mid-rotation starter. More likely he's a back-end arm or a reliever, but one that helps the Rockies sooner than later.

So maybe the Rockies wind up with a new version of Jeff Francis? That's not shabby.

As for the second pick at No. 45, Irving HS SS Trevor Story comes out slightly better in evaluation, praised for his defense but questioned for his bat.

Still, there's nothing like snap judgments and many Rockies fans will read a snippet or two of scouting reports and make their conclusions based on two minutes of video and without actually seeing the player. Drafts take several years to judge, and it's impossible to grade the first couple of picks the following day.