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2011 MLB Mock Draft: Jonathan Mayo Also Projects C.J. Cron To Rockies

It's kind of tiresome to keep seeing the same player(as) associated with the Colorado Rockies in the 2011 MLB Draft (just as it was with the Denver Broncos and the 2011 NFL Draft). Whether that player actually winds up with the Rockies is another thing, but many of these projections are based on solid sources, or at least we want to believe.

And so Utah 1B C.J. Cron does appear to be a heavy favorite at No. 20 overall for the Colorado Rockies--should Cron go there. Add's Jonathan Mayo to that list:

20. Colorado Rockies: CJ Cron, 1B, Utah
There's been a lot of talk about a college hitter here -- Kolten Wong and Levi Michael might be fits -- but while you don't draft for need, there will be a bit of an opening soon at this position in Colorado, and Cron flat-out raked this year.

Interestingly, all three players mentioned by Mayo in the above are taken picks 20-22. Cron goes to the Rockies, Levi Michael (a shortstop who would move to second with the Rockies) heads to Toronto and Kolten Wong is nabbed by St. Louis. Another possibility could be the high school LHP Daniel Norris, who falls to No. 23 in this scenario. Would the Rockies want to add another top young lefty like they did in 2009 with Tyler Matzek (his 2011 struggles aside)?