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2011 MLB Mock Draft: C.J. Cron To Rockies In Kevin Goldstein's Working Projections

Remember how the Denver Broncos were going to draft Marcell Dareus because it was a great fit for the team? But then a few days before the draft Von Miller's name emerged as the possible (and then actual) selection. Well, for the last couple of weeks there have been two names associated with the Colorado Rockies and the 2011 MLB Draft: C.J. Cron and Kolten Wong.

One needs just to look through this stream to find out that those two have been named to the Rockies more than any other players. Add Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein to the list for Cron:

It's very rare to hear one name connected so often with a team drafting so late in the first round, but that's the case with Cron and the Rockies. He can't run, can't throw, and can't field, but he's also the college bat most likely to hit in the middle of a big league lineup.

Goldstein will have his final mock draft available on Monday, the day of the first round. It seems unlikely that he will change from his Cron selection

But this seems like such a sure pick that is can't possibly happen. Or even Wong for that matter. What if a team owner comes in and demands a "safe bat" like Cron in the mid-teens? Or what about high school arm falling to the Rockies at No. 20? Find out June 6.