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Russell Wilson Could Return To Baseball After Wisconsin Football Ends

With Russell Wilson headed to the Wisconsin Badgers for his senior year of football, the Colorado Rockies have will wait to see how his future on the gridiron turns out. The Rockies placed him on the minor league restricted list, meaning that they control his rights should he wish to return to the diamond.

It had been widely speculated that if he returned to college football that Wilson would need to return a large portion of his signing bonus. However, according to the Denver Post's Troy Renck, that will only happen if Wilson doesn't return next spring. He would give up nearly half of the $200,000 he received as a fourth-round selection in 2010.

The Rockies will now follow his fall season with the Badgers, venture to discover his future in either the NFL or the CFL and persuade him to return to baseball. If that happens, he would return to Asheville, where he hit just .228 in three months.

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