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Ozzie Guillen Quote Machine Rolls After Loss To Colorado Rockies

Playing in the National League, the Colorado Rockies often miss out on some of the better aspects of the American League. No, the designated hitter isn't one of them. That's been an affront to baseball ever since the Yankees' Ron Blomberg became the first player to appear as the designated hitter on April 6, 1973.

No, no, no. One of the missing aspects is Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. The Rockies had played the White Sox twice before, both times with Guillen at helm. I don't remember any wild quotes from Guillen in either 2005 (when the ChiSox swept the Rockies at Coors Field) or in 2008 (when the Rockies took two of three at US Cellular Field). But on Monday night, his White Sox finally lost at Coors Field. While not an expletive-laden quote like some of his previous ones, Guillen said the following after the game:

I think the way we played from the first inning, I don’t think we should have won this game at all. [...] Usually they get dressed and leave right away because I don’t think we, for one second, deserved to win this game."

It was a bad game for both teams, since no one wanted to win until the 13th inning. That happened because center fielder Brent Lillibridge played lackadaisically when Ty Wigginton blooped a ball into the outfield. Because of that, Troy Tulowitzki scored from first base on the play. Here's the video:

Yeah, that's pretty bad for the White Sox. For the Rockies, after 79 games, they finally won on a walkoff hit. Got give credit to Tulowitzki keeping his head down and wanting to win.