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Rockies Reportedly Interested In Dodgers' Jamey Carroll, Looking For Rocktober Magic?

Second base has been an offensive black hole for the Colorado Rockies, and now the team is looking to make an upgrade, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post. One possibility is former Rockies player Jamey Carroll of the Los Angeles Dodgers, which recently filed for bankruptcy. He's hitting .300/.368/.366 through 74 games this season. Obviously the team wouldn't expect him to add much power to the lineup, but that OBP of .368 is better than that of the current second basemen on the roster, Chris Nelson (.260) and Jonathan Herrera (.315)

And Carroll did enjoy two solid seasons in Colorado before departing after the 2007 campaign. He hit .275/.357/.370 with seven home runs (five in 2006). But Carroll's time with the Rockies is best summed up on an Oct. 1 night in Coors Field. It was the bottom of the 13th, Matt Holliday was on third base and there were no outs:

Oh, yes, a fly ball to right field. All right, that should wrap it up for the--did he touch home plate? Did he? Yes, yes, he did. The Rockies are going to the playoffs!!

I doubt Jamey Carroll could recreate that magic again, but he sure would be an upgrade over what the Rockies currently have.