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Russell Wilson Confirms July 1 Decision Date For Baseball Or Football

After reports late last week stated that Colorado Rockies prospect Russell Wilson was set to make his decision on or before July 1, it has now been confirmed by Wilson that that is his target date. As he told the Asheville Citizen-Times on Friday:

"I have to make a decision on what I’m going to do, and I hope to do that no later than July 1," said Wilson, who confirmed publicly for the first time that he will choose either Auburn or Wisconsin if the decision is football.

Auburn and Wisconsin had been the only two schools that Wilson visited once it became known that he wanted back in to college football, though he was at least contacted by several other teams. Either school makes sense, as both have openings at quarterback.

Auburn won the 2010 BCS title and needs to replace Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Cam Newton, but it will also need a number of young players to step up if they want to avoid falling behind in a tough SEC this year. Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien graduated and there is little experience left at the position. With Ohio State's troubles entering this season, Wisconsin should have a good shot at winning their division to play in the Big 10's championship game.

As for Wilson's baseball career, neither side appears to want to put a sour face on all of this, but the Rockie have invested much in him and don't want to see that wasted.

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