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Russell Wilson Reportedly Set To Make Football Decision Before July 1

In a saga that has dragged on for several months already, Colorado Rockies infielder Russell Wilson is set to make his decision on football or baseball and, if the former, which school (Auburn Tigers or Wisconsin Badgers) before July 1, reports Andy Baggot of I need to echo the sentiments of Bucky's 5th Quarter on this development:

This really is the never-ending story. Just when you think the news about former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is calming down, they throw a new rumor at us.

First it was that Wilson wanted to return to college football. Then it was that he was interested in Auburn and Wisconsin. He visited Auburn and then nothing happened. He spent time at Wisconsin and supposedly it was so great of a visit that he chose Wisconsin. Except he didn't. Then it wasn't really a matter of which school (though he still needs to make that decision), but rather which sport. Some reports say the Rockies are upset with Wilson about this possible return to football (Rockies official Marc Gustafson said team would be "disappointed" if it happened), while anonymous sources claim this is not true.

One way or another, Wilson needs to make a choice soon. Prolonging this decision only hurts his development in both sports. While he was off to a better start in June, Wilson has fallen back and is hitting .255 with a .735 OPS in 14 June games. Certainly better than his first two months, but not the greatest.

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