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Russell Wilson's Future Down To Which Sport, Not Which College, According To Report

Colorado Rockies second baseman Russell Wilson still hasn't made a choice on his future. While the question of his future destination has been on his college choice in weeks past, it seems that the real question now is whether he wants to go back to football or if he desires to stick with baseball.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, sources indicate that Wilson's decision is really between football or baseball at the moment. This would seemingly indicate that Wilson has chosen a school, likely Wisconsin, but that he is unsure of where his future career stands. In football, his production is unquestioned, but teams will likely knock him down a bit for his height, which is either six-foot or 5-foot-11.

The Gazette indicates that returning some of his bonus is a non-issue for Wilson and that the team actually expected him to return for a fourth year of school. However, Rockies' director of player development Marc Gustafson had previously said the club would be disappointed if Wilson returned to the gridiron.

Wilson has struggled for Colorado's Low-A Asheville Tourists this season, though June has been good to him. He's hitting .270 with an .805 OPS through 11 June games. However, his season line is .222 with a .691 OPS. On Thursday night, Wilson hit an RBI triple and stole consecutive bases, scoring on the second one after the catcher committed an error.

The clock is ticking with just a month and a half left until fall camps start.

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