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Russell Wilson's Visit To Wisconsin Included Small NCAA Rules Violation

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With no decision coming just yet on Russell Wilson's college football team this fall, we're all left in the dark. However, Wilson's visit to Wisconsin does have a small bit of trouble attached to it.

As CBS Sports' Tom Fornelli explains, a Badgers player spoke openly about Wilson:

"Whenever you can bring someone in of his caliber it is going to add some competition at the quarterback spot," Toon told the reporter according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "And competition brings out the best in everybody and that’s great. Hopefully he comes here.

Fornelli mentions that this is a violation of NCAA rules, which prohibit the university on any level from discussing a potential player unless it is to acknowledge that the recruitment of said player. Toon, obviously unaware of this rule, directly mentioned how Wilson would impact the Badgers.

In the grand scheme of things, this matters little except for Toon and others to not speak openly about someone being recruited. Auburn, Wisconsin and the Rockies await Wilson's decision.

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