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MLB Realignment A Serious Discussion In Next CBA, According To Report

While the NFL and the players continue to negotiate over how billions of dollars are distributed between the two sides, Major League Baseball and the players' union are discussing more practical topics for their next Collective Bargaining Agreement. A report surfaced on Saturday afternoon stating that it is possible the league could do a bit of realignment.

What this would entail is one team from the current 16-team National League moving over to the American League to balance the leagues at 15 apiece. And supposedly this realignment would get rid of divisions and give the top five teams in each league a spot in the playoffs.

Which NL team would make the move? Two teams that make the most sense are the Houston Astros, which would allow a rivalry to grow between them and the Texas Rangers. However, the Milwaukee Brewers could also make the moves since they made the jump from the AL to the NL back in 1998.

But with 15 teams in each league, that would necessitate an interleague series going on all the time. Who wants the Rockies to be playing an interleague series down the final stretch of the season while they battle for a spot in the playoffs?

According to one unnamed source from the report, the odds of this happening are still less than half. Maybe it would be better if this doesn't happen.