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2011 MLB Draft Results: Minor League Ball Assesses Rockies Selections

As the hype from the 2011 MLB Draft dies down and these players start signing their first pro contracts, there are still early evaluations to look over. John Sickels' Minor League Ball broke down the Rockies' draft, concluding:

SUMMARY: This is a balanced draft at the top, I like the Anderson/Story/Thomore/O'Brien combination, mixing up positions, origins, and level of polish. Solid college players were the theme of the middle rounds, with a nice group of pitchers who have a chance to exceed expectations. A solid draft, not spectacular, but well-executed.

This seems to be the most common analysis of the team's draft: nothing spectacular, but a good mix of players who will eventually have a few find their way to the majors.

Sickels gave his thoughts on the first 11 picks of the Rockies and appears to like Tyler Anderson and Carl Thomore. He also sees sleeper picks coming in the ninth and 10th rounds with Texas A&M RHP Ross Stripling and St. Olaf College RHP Ben Hughes.

Rookie leagues and short-season leagues begin around June 20, so many of the later-round selections will have signed and will be ready to play at that time.