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Rockies Looking To Move Jose Morales?

Buried in Jim Armstrong's notes blog entry over the Denver Post, the Rockies have talked with several teams already about backup catcher Jose Morales. It was spring training's worst-kept secret that Morales was going to be Chris Iannetta's backup, since the Rockies didn't bring in any other catchers and traded Miguel Olivo before needing to make a decision on his option.

And Chris Iannetta has done nothing to disprove his place as the team's starting catcher. A lot of harping goes on over Iannetta's batting average over the last few seasons (.228 and .197 in 2009 and 2010), and a .231 average in 2011 isn't spectacular. However, his eight home runs are one short of his 2010 number and he has an .836 OPS (.380/.456).

As Andrew Martin writes at Purple Row:

What surprises me is that teams are interested in Morales. We haven't seen any problems with Jose's game calling, but his bat is seriously lacking. [...] Fact is though, if teams are interested in Morales, there's not an awful lot of attachment to him. It's nice to have a switch-hitting catcher, but if the Rockies can get some value in trade out of Morales, I don't doubt that Matt Pagnozzi or Eliezer Alfonzo could come up and fill the role to the same capacity in the meantime.

And Morales won't have much of a future anyway, as prospect catcher Wilin Rosario is expected to compete for a roster spot in 2012. Rosario has nine home runs and a .764 OPS with Double-A Tulsa in his return from injury that cut his 2010 season short. And there's also Jordan Pacheco available to make the jump to the majors after his strong impression during spring training.