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MLB Standings Update: Rockies End Horrid May, Hope June Turns Out Better

On May 1, the Colorado Rockies held a 4.5 game in the National League West, but the wheels started to become undone. Their 17-8 record for the first month of the season quickly turned south. The team never went on a winning streak longer than two games and had two four-game losing streaks and one three-game losing streak interspersed throughout the month.

That 4.5 lead is now gone to a 4.5 deficit and a 25-29 record (8-21 in May), good for fourth-most wins and in a tie for third in the games back column. And if things don't pick up soon, the San Diego Padres, currently on a four-game winning streak, could leave the NL West basement for the Rockies.

But we need not write off the Rockies only two months into the season. Back in 2009, the Rockies went 21-7 in June, though that was on the heels of firing Clint Hurdle and promoting Jim Tracy. No one is seriously calling for Tracy's ouster, but there needs to be something to fire things up for this current team.

No Rockies fans wants to see a summer swoon hit this team. Playing the first half of their June games against NL west teams can help them climb up the standings quickly before they hit their Interleague play schedule to close out the month.

The NL West standings:

NL West Standings

Arizona 30 25 .545 0 Lost 1
San Francisco 29 25 .537 0.5 Lost 1
Los Angeles 26 30 .464 4.5 Won 3
Colorado 25 29 .462 4.5 Lost 3
San Diego 24 31 .436 6 Won 4

(updated 6.1.2011 at 2:13 PM EDT)