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Colorado Rockies Have A Top Logo In Latest SB Nation MLB Power Rankings

If all the MLB team logos (past and present) were ranked and a top 30 were made, would the Colorado Rockies' one make it? According to Grant Brisbee over at Baseball Nation, the Rockies would have the fourth-best logo:

Better. That ball is going over the fence. Or it’s coming from the other direction, and it’s going to hit that sea monkey in the head. It’s only below the Dodgers because a) it’s not as classic, and b) purple.

I'll buy "it's not as classic" since the Rockies don't have as much history as the Dodgers (No. 3) do, but in 19 years it's been the team's only logo. You don't fix what isn't broken.

The saddest (maybe funniest?) logo Grant ranks must be No. 23, the Detroit Tigers from 1927-1928:



He's so sad, as Grant writes. Those eyes and the mouth. Don't you just want to cuddle up with that tiger and have it lick you for being so nice to it?