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MLB Standings Update: Rockies Road Record Keeps Them 1st In NL West

The Colorado Rockies begin a road series with the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday night, but they come off a series loss with the Pittsburgh Pirates at Coors Field. In a sign of the times, the Colorado Rockies lead the NL West not because of their home record, but as a result of their dominance on the road.

Home Record: 7-6
Road Record: 10-3

That's just odd. For a team that has historically struggled on the road to have the best record away from home, this must be a whole new world.

So maybe the Rockies will take comfort in having their next six games on the road, because scoring eight runs against the Pirates in three games must be somewhat demoralizing. When they played the Pirates in Pittsburgh, the Rockies scored 22 runs in four games.

Here is how the NL West standings look:

NL West Standings

Colorado 17 9 .653 0 Lost 1
Los Angeles 15 15 .500 4 Won 1
San Francisco 13 15 .464 5 Lost 2
Arizona 12 15 .444 5.5 Won 1
San Diego 11 18 .379 7.5 Lost 1

(updated 5.3.2011 at 9:07 AM EDT)

Since dropping two of three to the Giants April 18-20, the Rockies haven't seen any action in the NL West until this series with the D'Backs. No other team is above .500, though the Dodgers can do it with a win over the Cubs on Tuesday night.

The Padres, who surprised the league in 2010, remain at the bottom of the division and will play the Rockies for the first time on May 13.