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2011 MLB Mock Draft: Baseball America Projects Levi Michael To Rockies Again

Baseball America's Jim Callis released his second 2011 MLB Mock Draft (subscription required - free version here) on Friday night and nothing changed for the Colorado Rockies at pick No. 20. Callis still sees North Carolina SS Levi Michael as the Rockies selection. 

Levi doesn't offer great upside, but he'd be ticketed for second base with Troy Tulowitzki entrenched at short. Hawaii 2B Kolten Wong would make a better pick at that point, but the Rockies could always deviate from the college path. While Callis seems to believe the selection will only be a college player, preferably a college pitcher, the Rockies have taken a different approach recently (see Tyler Matzek in 2009). 

Perhaps a better choice would be the high school lefty who goes No. 21 to the Toronto Blue Jays, Daniel Norris. For more on Norris, visit here. In short, Norris is a potential four-pitch pitcher who is advanced in his development.

The MLB Draft takes place June 6-8.