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Russell Wilson Would Need To Return Part Of Signing Bonus If He Returned To Football

On Tuesday, former N.C. State Wolfpack quarterback and current Colorado Rockies prospect Russell Wilson visited the Auburn football program, and his interest in playing football again has not pleased the Rockies. According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, Marc Gustafson, the Rockies' director of player development said:

"Would we be disappointed if he chose to play football? Yes, we would."

Gustafson also said that Wilson would need to return "a significant portion" of the $250,000 signing bonus he received after signing in 2010. Further, this would adversely affect Wilson's development, which has been a struggle so far, since he would leave at the start of August and miss the last month of the season.

While Gustafson called Wilson's return to college football "speculation" at this point, previous reports have placed Wilson resuming football as a near certainty. With his lack of performance so far in the batter's box, Wilson may possibly take his chances in the NFL or the CFL.