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VIDEO: Philly Fan Curses On Live TV During Rockies-Phillies Game

Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation for being pretty crass. From vomiting on fans to booing Santa Claus, Philly fans know no bounds. On last night's broadcast of the Rockies-Phillies game, ROOT Sports decided to interview a Philly fan because he had been cheering vociferously all game long and asks him for his thoughts on Citizens Bank Park hosting a hockey game.

Instead, the guy explains that someone he knows "from the XBOX," a New York Rangers fan, is coming down to go to the game. He calls the guy "a bum," but "doesn't give a -----."

Did ROOT really believe it would be a good idea to put a Philly fan on camera and not expect something like that to happen? ROOT has been hounded this season for its attention on being more fan-friendly by putting people at the game on camera and the fan text crawl during the sixth inning. But putting a Philly fan on screen? Who's running the show over there, because a mistake like that is embarrassing.

Video is below, but it is not safe for work.

At least there was an apology right after it.