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Mets Vs. Rockies: Ubaldo Jimenez Still Seeks 1st Victory Of 2011

Three solo home runs won't cut it for the Colorado Rockies when the New York Mets' starting pitcher, in this case Mike Pelfrey, hits a two-run double to give his team a third and a fourth run in the game. But that's what happened in Tuesday night's 4-3 loss to the Mets. Add in Dexter Fowler now listed as day-to-day because he fouled pitch off his left knee and the rain delay, it wasn't a good night.

Bad weather on Wednesday postponed the game, but only for a day. For the Rockies, things could quickly turn around with Ubaldo Jimenez on the mound. He is still seeking his first win of 2011, as he is 0-2 in five starts. He's struck out 26 batters in four starts since coming off the disabled list, but he's also had trouble controlling the strike zone. He has walked 15 batters in that same span.

He will face Jon Niese, who pitched on April 13 against the Rockies. Both Ryan Spilborghs (solo) and Troy Tulowitzki (three-run) hit home runs off of him in the 5-4 Rockies victory. Since then he has allowed 10 runs in four starts, compared to 13 in his previous three.

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