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MLB Standings Update: Rockies Top NL West (For Now); Rays, Red Sox At The Bottom Of League

It's only five or six game into the 2011 MLB season for the teams, but the Colorado Rockies stand atop the NL West at the moment. At 4-1, the Rockies split the first series of the season at one game apiece (the Sunday game canceled due to weather) and then took a mini two-game sweep of the Dodgers earlier in the week). They won their first road game of the season, 7-1, when they began their series with the Pirates on Thursday.

The Padres (3-2) are the only other team in the NL West above .500. The Rockies don't play the Padres until mid-May. The Dodgers (3-3) went 3-1 against the San Francisco Giants to open the season, but then lost their two-game series to the Rockies. The Arizona Diamondbacks (2-3) picked up their first win of the season against the Rockies on Opening Day at Coors Field, but then dropped three straight games. They picked up their second win in a 6-4 victory over the Cubs on Wednesday. And the defending World Series champion San Francisco Giants (2-4) have won a game in each of their three-game series with the Dodgers and the Padres to site at the bottom of the division.

But we're only a week into the season. If we're too concerned with the standings just a week into the season, just imagine what following them for an entire season will mean for your health? Certainly one should be concerned with how one's team starts the season, but get back to me at the end of April. That's when we can start making real judgments.

Although. . .

Maybe if one is a Boston Red Sox fan, one should be concerned. An 0-6 start? Yikes! That's some bad karma right there. They and fellow AL East member Tampa Bay Rays are the only winless teams (and the Rays are without Evan Longoria for an extended period of time).