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Rockies Release Greg Smith; FakeGregSmith Better Be Sad

On Monday night, the Colorado Rockies released starter Greg Smith. As most Rockies fans know, Smith was acquired in the Matt Holliday deal in 2008. You know, the throw-in guy with Carlos Gonzalez and Huston Street. He spent all of 2009 in the minors, but broke camp with the Rockies in 2010 as the team's fifth starter. He allowed eight home runs in 39 innings pitched and had a 1.872 WHIP.


And then by the middle of May, Smith was back in the minors and back on the road to obscurity (though if you visit Purple Row, you'll find mad love for the guy--sort of). Good thing Smith wasn't made out to be the centerpiece of the Holliday trade like Willy Taveras was occasionally in the Jason Jennings trade in 2006. That trade would be a bust now.


Now that he is a minor-league free agent, maybe the real Greg Smith should start tweeting and stop @FakeGregSmith from taking all the limelight that he deserves.