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Ubaldo Jimenez: After One Start, Already Concern?

Ubaldo Jimenez did not have a good start for the Colorado Rockies on Opening Day. He allowed two well-struck home runs for five runs and struck out one Diamondbacks player. That's not what anybody expected from a last year's NL Cy Young contender. And if you look over to the Starting Five Lineup, you'll notice that there's already concern over this outing. And if you head on over to Purple Row, our Rockies blog, you'll see that there's an 800-pound gorilla in the room that is trying to be ignored, while at the same time there could always be some truth in the April Fool's joke there as well.


It's just one game in a 162-game season, as is pointed out in several quotes in those articles. You can chalk the start up to Opening Day jitters. It was his first Opening Day at Coors Field, after all. You can go the Ken Tremendous route and say that we have learned nothing two days into the season. That's a fair assessment for most of the league. But you can be sure that if down the line something injurious does happen, all those individuals expressing concern will turn into Cassandras.


If we see this in his next start, there could be more concern, but I think we'll see the Ubaldo of 2010 that we all loved.