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Giants Vs. Rockies: Tim Lincecum Has No-Hitter Through Five Innings

San Francisco Giants starter Tim Lincecum has been unhittable against the Colorado Rockies on Monday night. Through five innings, Lincecum has given up zero hits and walked just two batters. He has used just 59 pitches to strike out five Rockies and complete five innings of work. He walked Dexter Fowler in the fourth and then Todd Helton in the fifth.

For the Rockies, Esmil Rogers couldn't compare with the Giants' ace. He allowed eight runs in three innings of work. In the first inning, he allowed runs on a single and then back-to-back home runs by Pat Burrell (3-R) and Nate Schierholtz (solo). He gave up a third homer to Freddy Sanchez in the second inning.

Clayton Mortensen came in to relieve Esmil Rogers in the fourth inning and kept the Giants down after that point. He got the Giants to go nine up, nine down over the next three innings.

Can the Rockies get a hit off of Lincecum in the bottom of the sixth?