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Cubs Vs. Rockies Score: Chicago Leads, But Time Left For Rockies Comeback

The Cubs have a 3-1 lead after the sixth inning, while the Rockies squandered a bases-loaded situation in the bottom of the fifth. For the Cubs, things picked up in the top of the fifth inning when pitcher Casey Coleman singled to center with one out. Coleman moved to third base on a Starlin Castro double and then scored on a Darwin Barney ground out.

Then in the sixth, Jason Hammel looked like he was ready to get out of the inning pretty quickly after a Carlos Pena ground out double play erased the Aramis Ramirez hit-by-pitch. Well, that is until Alfonso Soriano hit a deep fly ball to right field for a solo home run, giving the Cubs a 3-1 lead.

Jason Hammel has been unable to use his fastball effectively the entire game, relying on his changeup and curveball. He departs the game having allowed three runs on seven hits and a walk. He recorded five strikeouts.

Back up a half of an inning to the bottom of the fifth and we'll find a wasted opportunity by the Rockies. Dexter Fowler led off with a double to right field and then advanced to third when Koyie Hill attempted to throw him out at second base. The ball wound up in the outfield. Jonathan Herrera grounded out the pitcher before Jason Giambi was on first following a hit-by-pitch. Then Troy Tulowitzki popped out in foul territory on a 3-0 pitch, just to be followed by a Seth Smith ground out.

In the bottom of the sixth, Todd Helton pinch hit for Jason Hammel, but flied out, stranding a runner on second base.