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Rockies Vs. Mets: Esmil Rogers Hopes For Better Weather On Wednesday

After Tuesday's rainout, the Rockies and Mets will makeup that game as part of a traditional double-header on Thursday afternoon, but there is still Wednesday's game to play. Esmil Rogers and Jon Niese, Tuesday's scheduled starters, will pitch in this midweek contest. Hopefully the extra day won't put either pitcher off their game, allowing for a strong pitchers' duel.

However, it is once again a dreary day in Flushing. While during the day rain is not expected (at least nothing more than a light drizzle), showers are supposedly set to hit right before game time. No one wants a rainout for two days in a row.

Given that the Mets are still starting Jon Niese, it's likely that Jim Tracy will go with some form of the lineup he was prepared to play with in Tuesday's contest:

RF Seth Smith
2B Jonathan Herrera
LF Carlos Gonzalez
SS Troy Tulowitzki
3B Jose Lopez
1B Todd Helton
CF Ryan Spilborghs
C Chris Iannetta
P Esmil Rogers

Todd Helton's back obviously feels better, allowing him to start, but Ryan Spilborghs may not be in this game. He was set to give Dexter Fowler the night off. If he is in the lineup, Fowler will lead off, moving Smith to seventh in the lineup most likely.

First pitch is scheduled for 5:10 p.m. MT