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Former Rockies Catcher Miguel Olivo Suffers Groin Strain, But He's A Tough Guy

Former Colorado Rockies catcher Miguel Olivo injured his right groin muscle in Saturday's game between the Seattle Mariners and the Cleveland Indians. He will have an MRI to determine the severity of the injury, but we already know Olivo is a tough guy: he passed a kidney stone in an April game last season. That's being rock solid, right there.


The Rockies traded Olivo in November 2010 to the Toronto Blue Jays instead of making a decision on his 2011 option. The Jays declined that option, which allowed Olivo to sign a two-year deal with an option for 2013 with the Mariners.


That move allowed Chris Iannetta to become the unquestioned starter at the position for the Rockies in 2011, but can he deliver? New hitting coach Carney Lansford played a large role in the decision to move on from Olivo and go with Iannetta.