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Mariners Vs. Rockies: Jorge De La Rosa, Luke French Duel In Night Game

The Colorado Rockies and the Seattle Mariners play on Wednesday night in an FSN-televised game at 7:40 p.m. MT. The Colorado Rockies send lefty Jorge De La Rosa to the mound, while the Mariners will have Luke French toe the rubber. De La Rosa is slated to pitch the second game of the season for the Rockies. French, though, is battling for a back-of-the-rotation spot with the Mariners.

French, a 6-foot-4 lefty, has major league experience the past two seasons and did adequately over the last two months of 2010. However, he was an extreme flyball pitcher (51.4 percent and a 0.63 GB-FB ratio) that will be mitigated when he is at home in Safeco, but could be chewed up elsewhere.

For what it's worth, almost nothing, the Rockies are 15-8 in Cactus League play, behind only the San Francisco Giants at 18-8. The Rockies had Monday's game with the Giants canceled due to rain, eliminating the five runs the Rockies tagged to Tim Lincecum. Both teams are not only tops in the Cactus League, but in overall lead in spring training as well. Detroit leads the Grapefruit League with an 18-10 record.