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Forbes Magazine Releases Annual MLB Financial Rankings, Rockies Place 17th

Forbes Magazine has released their annual "Business of Baseball" financial rankings, and the Colorado Rockies end up right in the middle of the pack as the 17th most valuable club in the major leagues with a current overall valuation of $414 million.


Not only does this number represent an increase of $30 million over last year's rankings, but the team's estimated worth is now increased by $116 million in the past five seasons. It's amazing what two postseason berths can do for a franchise. (By comparison, the Monfort brothers purchased the franchise in 1992 for a mere $92 million.)


Despite being one of the smaller television markets in baseball, the Rockies have managed to place 10th in television ratings, a sure sign of strong local interest. With the core of Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez locked up for much of the next decade -- and attendance figures steadily climbing -- look for the franchise to continue a steady climb up the rankings.