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Are The Rockies Out Of Michael Young Trade?

According to reports from the Denver Post's Troy Renck, the Colorado Rockies are no longer in pursuit of the Texas Rangers' Michael Young. The stumbling blocks that ended the Rockies' pursuit of Young were the money that remained on his contract and that Vladimir Guerrero signed with the Baltimore Orioles. The latter move has forced the Rangers to reassess their need to hold onto Young, who is expected to be the team's designated hitter this season.

Young is owed $48 million dollars over the next three seasons, and if any trade does happen the Rangers are expected to absorb a large portion of that amount. But the Rangers would also like to receive quality prospects in return. However, Young has publicly called out the organization for what he believes has been unfair treatment.

Ultimately, the Rangers may realize that they can't get a king's ransom in return for a player who clearly does not want to play in Texas any longer.

While Renck claims that his sources believe the Rockies are out of the running for Young, this entire situation is quite fluid and could still be revived--for the nth time this offseason.