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Rangers Continue To Waffle On Michael Young Trade

On Monday night, the Texas Rangers held a conference call to discuss the team's situation with Michael Young. Young has been the subject of trade speculation since December, but over the weekend it was reported that he had demanded a trade.

Participating in the conference call were Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and owner Nolan Ryan. The Denver Post's Troy Renck listened into the call and tweeted what was said. The overall theme was that the team will attempt to satisfy Young's request for a trade, but only if it helps improve the team at the same time. They would like to mend the tattered relationship.

Daniels confirmed that Michael Young had asked for a trade about a week ago because he felt that moving to the designated hitter position would not be beneficial to his career. Young wants to play beyond the three years remaining on his contract.

Ryan said that he expects the Rangers to receive appropriate compensation for Young. The key parts to any deal will be how much money the Rangers must absorb of Young's remaining contract and what prospects they receive in return.

Daniels went on to indicate that if they do trade Young, he wants it to be with one of the eight teams Young can be traded to. The Colorado Rockies are one of those eight teams.