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Michael Young: What's The Real Situation Between The Rangers And Rockies?

The Michael Young-to-Rockies trade rumors continue to cycle around these days. Just a few days ago Troy Renck reported that the Rockies were out of the deal and unlikely to re-enter. But now Jon Heyman tweets (found via Craig Calcaterra) that the Rockies are not out of it.

According to Heyman, the Rangers asked for a "very good player," likely a prospect. While not named, one must wonder if the Rangers would have liked a major leaguer or one of the Rockies' top prospects: lefties Tyler Matzek or Christian Friedrich or catcher Wilin Rosario.

The $48 million remaining on Young's contract, as always, remains a stumbling block. The more money the Rangers take on from that deal, the better the prospect they will want. However, the less money the Rangers take on, the less inclined the Rockies would be willing to make a deal.

If this entire saga has taught us anything, everyone who is reporting this story is talking to someone who has a different take on the situation. How long until the Rockies are out on Young again?