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[UPDATE] Rockies-Rangers Trade For Michael Young Was Extensive, Tracy Ringolsby Reports

Every so often the Internet comes up with an interesting rumor or two. In this case, over at there was a comment in a story that claimed the Rockies were close to making a deal, a big one, but that it wouldn't happen until the Carlos Gonzalez deal was completed. Eventually the commenter and Steve Foster, the site's proprietor got in contact about this. Foster mentioned that it was a deal that had been talked about earlier.

The deal never materialized, and several days ago it was revealed that this move was supposed to be a trade for the Texas Rangers' Michael Young. Now Tracy Ringolsby reports that this trade was quite close to happening. Young would have been sent to the Rockies for Eric Young Jr. Except, the Rangers backed out over EY Jr.'s medical history, which includes a fractured tibia from last year.

It likely would not have been a straight swap for the players. The Rangers were also interested in Rockies outfield prospect Charlie Blackmon. Aaron Cook could have been a possibility to offset some salary concerns. Michael Young is set to make $16 million this year, and Cook will make $9.25 million.

Had this trade gone through, Young would have moved back to second base, a position he last played in 2003. Young is a career .300 hitter, who finished 2010 with a .284/.330/.444 line and 21 homers.

[UPDATE] Twitter is a wonderful invention. Eric Young Jr. tweeted on Wednesday that he took a routine physical with his teammates during FanFest, not for a trade.