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2011 MLB Hot Stove: Colorado Rockies Send Daniel Turpen To Complete Kevin Slowey Trade

According to the official Twitter account of the Colorado Rockies, the Minnesota Twins will receive minor league reliever Daniel Turpen in return for RHP Kevin Slowey. As such, Turpen becomes the player to be named later (PTBNL) in Tuesday's Slowey trade.

Turpen pitched 59 and 2/3 innings with the Rockies' Double-A affiliate, sporting a worse-than-average 4.98 ERA and 5.04 FIP. Turpen, who spent time in the minors for both the Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants during the 2010 season, turned 25 this past August.

Slowey, a former second round draft pick in the 2005 amateur draft, has played his entire career with the Minnesota Twins. As Brandon Warne of Fangraphs noted, Slowey is a fly ball pitcher who seems unlikely to flourish in the Rockies' high-elevation home grounds, partly explaining why the Rockies were able to acquire him so cheaply:

To me, the move would have made sense for Seattle, St. Louis, or maybe even San Diego to make. In parks that suppress home runs/offense — and Target Field also does its share — Slowey has a chance to be a palpable third or fourth starter. In Denver, Slowey shouldn’t be expected to do more than to hold Drew Pomeranz’ place for a little while.

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